Saturday, October 18, 2008

12 Reasons to Attend Dreamforce 2008

Eight great (official) reasons for developers to attend Dreamforce 2008:
  • Platform Keynote - Kick off the conference with Chairman & CEO Marc Benioff's ever-surprising platform address.

  • State of the Union - Get a complete overview of the latest technologies and the powerful ecosystem that goes with it.

  • In-Depth, Practical Content - experts are ready and waiting to teach you everything you need to build out-of-this-world apps.

  • Sessions Galore - We’ve got 40+ sessions on technologies, complete with hands-on demos and practical guidance.

  • The Zone - Drop in anytime to speak 1:1 with technical experts, network, or get the new high score in the Nintendo Wii Tournament.

  • Immersion Lab - Get answers to your burning questions through tutorials or 1:1 guidance from our lab staffers.

  • Monday Night Hackathon - You’ll be inspired to build great things with the exclusive cutting-edge technologies announced on Monday, so spend the evening working directly with our top experts and the rest of the developer community to make your ideas a reality! It’s a collaborative coding marathon event, only at Dreamforce.

  • Technology Preview - Be the first to get hands-on with the very latest technology, announced exclusively at Dreamforce!
If those reasons didn't convince you to sign up, Jeff Grosse over at CRM FYI put together another great list of reasons why you have to be at Dreamforce 2008. Here are four of my favorites from Jeff's list:
  • 250+ partners will be at Dreamforce.

  • Neil Young will be part of a keynote address.

  • Cloud Crawl - Based on the great success of last year’s App Crawl, the ante is upped this year with a Cloud Crawl.

  • Journey! Foo Fighters!
Stay tuned for three more reasons...

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